Autoclave Aerated Concrete Plant

Welcome to Autoclave Aerated Concrete Plant website where you will find information about the production and application of aerated concrete (INSI-blocks) in construction.

Here you can learn about autoclave aerated concrete (AAC):

  • Aerated concrete description. Physical and thermal properties of AAC.
  • The application AAC blocks in the construction of both low-rise and high-rise buildings.
  • Current prices of AAC blocks.
  • Kinds of dry pack mortar used with aerated concrete blocks (INSI-blocks). Description of masonry mortar for AAC blocks, compo mortar and putty.
  • The difference between AAC blocks and brick, foam concrete blocks and polystyrol concrete blocks. Economic advantages of AAC construction.
  • Recommendations on design and assembly with AAC (INSI-blocks).
  • AAC Certificates.
  • AAC blocks arrangement instructions whilst loading.

Here you can also calculate the quantity of INSI-blocks required for your house construction and fill out an online application form.

If you have any questions about AAC construction and AAC advantages over other building materials (foam concrete blocks, brick, etc.) use the feedback link or contact on any number given in the contacts link.